Michna - Thousand Thursday

Package design for Michna

Science or Fiction? 
When I work on projects, I like to set up parameters and then destroy the process. Michna and I had talked a lot about what his new project was about and what it could be. We knew we wanted something "other worldly" in a science fiction realm. Artifacts from another dimension, if you will. 
I worked for months exploring the obvious, I often get into an area where I don't know what I am doing. One day it all hits me and work like mad to capture that feeling. 
Pictured above are three singles to this forthcoming release. I created a system using the cover image for the singles with different treatments and colors.
Art Direction, Art and Design by Michael Cina
Cover image by Michael Cina and Matthew Desmond
Back image by Michael Cina and Corey Holms

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